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Did you know that Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by over 400 bridges? There are no roads, but rather canals, and you get around by steamers or motorboats instead of buses or cars. The heart of Venice is Piazza San Marco, the only true square in the city and one of the most fascinating in the world: Napoleon himself called it "the most beautiful salon in Europe". Here you will find yourself in front of impressive monuments and buildings that give life to an extraordinary mix of architectural styles, from Venetian-Byzantine to Gothic, passing through the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Neoclassical. The Basilica of San Marco, also known as the Golden Church, as it is this color that dominates the ornaments and structure, houses inside the treasure of St. Mark and magnificent frescoes and mosaics that represent the wealth and power of the Serenissima. Near what is still today the religious and spiritual center of the city, there is Palazzo Ducale, a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic. Once the seat of the government of the Serenissima, among its rooms you can admire the masterpieces of the greatest Venetian artists of all time, from Titian to Paolo Veronese, up to Tintoretto, and understand the political and administrative system of the city at the time of the Republic. Walking through the calli (the name of the Venetian streets and alleys) you will reach the famous Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge crossing the Grand Canal. In the past this was the economic center of Venice, where all the goods arriving from the Far East and the West converged: still today it is home to markets, with their typically Italian smells and colors. What makes The Heart of Venice Tour special: discovering the architectural wonders of the floating city is like diving into the past and reliving the magnificence of the golden age of Venice.

Piazza San Marco
Rialto Bridge

Tour Plan

What makes The Heart of Venice Tour special: discovering the architectural wonders of the floating city is like diving into the past and reliving the magnificence of the golden age of Venice.

Places You’ll See

Piazza San Marco - San Marco Basilica - Palazzo Ducale - Venetian alleyways - Rialto Bridge - Fenice Theater (from the outside) - Grand Canal

What's Included

Pick up at Piazza San Marco
Professional private guide
Admission tickets for Palazzo Ducale and San Marco Basilica (booking is compulsory)
Drop off at Rialto Bridge
Optional Extras​

Personalized pick up and drop off

Gondola ride

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The heart of Venice
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Destination: Rialto Bridge
Duration: 6 hours
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