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Available days: everyday, based on availability. Closed on Mondays. 1482, Milano: Leonardo da Vinci felt enthusiastic about being in his new home – a modern city that embraced technological and scientific innovations. Some historians say he was sent to Milan on a diplomatic mission by Lorenzo the Magnificent as ambassador of Florentine culture and art. Fast forward to today, with the opportunity to retrace the very footsteps that the genius took for 20 years of his life and where many consider he reached some of his greatest achievements. Your tour starts with a visit to the Casa degli Atellani, where Leonardo lived while working on the Last Supper right across the street. You’ll be amazed at the green corner in the heart of the city, with its statues, fountains and even a vineyard. Home to such a fascinating innovator, you’ll also hear stories of how this casa is tied to the origins of panettone and the zodiac. The visit continues to the Vinciano Cenacolo, home to Last Supper. We can also organize an exclusive, tailor-made visit just for you, also of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Your guide will take you through the old passage that the Dominican monks used to go from the church to the refectory, where very few people have ventured. We’ll also show you the Chiostro delle Rane (Cloister of the Frogs), where peace and beauty reigns. The small cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie got its name from the sculptures depicting bronze frogs which gorgeously spit water. What makes the La Milano di Leonardo tour special: You’ll walk the footsteps of one of the greatest geniuses of all time and his most famous masterpiece, which is still relevant today.

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Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie

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What makes the La Milano di Leonardo tour special: You’ll walk the footsteps of one of the greatest geniuses of all time and his most famous masterpiece, which is still relevant today.

Places You’ll See

Corso Magenta
Casa degli Atellani (Leonardo’s Winery)
Chiostro delle Rane
Last Supper

What's Included

Professional guide
Personalized pick up
Personalized drop off
Admission tickets (upon availability)
Optional Extras​

Private Transportation



Private viewing of the Last Supper 

Private viewing of the Casa degli Atellani 

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Leonardo in Milan
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