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Lake Garda

Although Lake Como and Lake Lugano are great alternatives to escape the hot, humid summer in Milan, they are not the only choice: Lake Garda is for sure another unmissable destination, a fascinating new place to discover.

The romans were the firsts to appreciate the splendid landscapes and fresh air of the biggest lake in Italy, giving it the name of Benacus, derived from the celtic language and meaning “of many headlands”.

In fact, when looking in any direction, it is impossible to see the confines of this magnificent lake surrounded by majestic mountains.

The “Patrizi”, roman nobles, had splendid villas built on the coast of the lake, some of its ruins still there to see. These archeological areas, disseminated along the coast of the lake, are a reminder of the previous life by the lake.


The luxurious villas were constructed following the irregular terrains by the lake, mountainous lands that descend into the waters; so the side of the villa that overlooked the lake served as a pier for the boats of the owners.

Among these, the “Grotte di Catullo” is maybe the most suggestive place in the area, built on the tip of the Sirmione peninsula, overlooking the lake from a hill.

The villa, which in its splendorous time was about 2 hectares in size, laid in the middle of an olive field with more than 1500 plants. The name “Grotte di Catullo” comes from the verses of the latin poet Catullo, dedicated to Sirmione, exaltating it as a jewel among islands and peninsulas in the seas and lakes.


Another treasure of Lake Garda is Desenzano, where it’s possible to find a roman villa which originally occupied around 11.000 square meters.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many testimonies of this era in northern Italy, but the ones that remain leave visitors fascinated, especially with its incredible mosaics, representing allegories, satires, wild animals and love scenes.

Lake Garda offers an extraordinary variety of landscapes and it’s a perfect destination all year round.

From the snowy mountains, to the lovely hills and fantastic shores, there is a choice for everyone.


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