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Lugano: An unexpected surprise

A few kilometers away from Milan lie two cities that have many things in common: They are overlooking a lake, have a mild, nice weather and green, rich landscape.

The cities are Como and Lugano. If, in fact, many travelers go to spend the day admiring the beauty of Lake Como, few choose to cross the border into Switzerland, overpassing the Ticino river and arriving into Lugano, with its unexpected beauty. The road that takes us to Lugano is an event in itself, with many panoramic terraces to admire the breathtaking landscapes of the alpine hills, with its rich forests, green valleys and blue lakes. 


Lugano is a bustling city in the Ticino canton in Switzerland. It lies on Lake Lugano and is surrounded by the Lugano Prealps mountains, giving the city a very unique landscape, beautiful in the summer, with the sailing boats trailing the lake, and in the winter, with the snowy peaks of the mountains overlooking the deep blue waters of the lake.


But what makes Lugano a really particular place, is the mix of Swiss and a more mediterranean air, reflected on the architecture and culture of the city.

The architecture, with pointed ceilings that evoque an alpine typical type of construction, but painted in pastel colors, more traditional of the Italian side, create an interesting combination, very appealing to the eyes.

 Its city center offers a neoclassical architecture, decorated with the before mentioned pastel colors that surround charming squares, like Piazza della Riforma. The lovely gardens that border the lake present a wonderful opportunity to just relax taking in the beautiful views of the lake and flowers of all colors.

Take this opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Board a boat and have a panoramic ride of Lake Lugano, being amazed by the breathtaking views and mix of colors between the water, the gardens and the pastel colored houses. Afterwards, arrive to a terrace overlooking the lake, and enjoy a personalized cooking class with a professional chef, who will teach you all the details to prepare a typical dish of the area, that reflects in itself the mix of cultures: Risotto alla ticinese.

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