About Us

Hi there! We're Manuela and Elisa. We've been working as fashion and luxury lifestyle consultants for international business clients around the world together for over a decade, exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

How it all began


Born in Brescia in 1975, Manuela began her management career at a very young age by working alongside her father in the family’s company. Her interest in fashion and luxury has developed as she has grown, leading her to travel the world in search of the most exclusive places and resorts. Upon completion of her studies in management, Manuela then specialized her training at the Academy of Luxury on Via Montenapoleone in Milan. She then went on to become a course and workshop instructor for several prestigious schools such as MKS Milano Fashion School, HFFA Patroncinata della camera della moda di Milano and Luxury Academy of Buracrest.


Born in Sondrio in 1980, Elisa began her career by working in her family’s business. A fashion, music and cinema enthusiast, she began to collaborate with magazines and blogs by writing articles about fashion, culture and theater. Attracted to high-end fashion, she specialized in “Luxury Management” and began to collaborate with tour operators to create tailor made experiences. Upon moving to Milan she began a Master’s degree at the Accademia del Lusso on Via Montenapoleone, where she met Manuela, who she founded Gold Black Style with. 

“We were at “The Gold” in New York when the idea of Gold Black Style came about. We wanted to bring the luxury and elegance of an elite concierge service to Milan, which until then had not existed. We became the first to do so, and it has proven itself to be the best idea of our lives.”

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