3 Day trips from Milano for couples


The city is in fact situated in a strategic position in the Lombardy region, which is well connected to a series of dream destinations that can be visited during a day trip.

For the summer season, we recommend 3 different destinations – each with its own unique character. Our top picks include the city of love, the most beautiful lake in the world, and an enchanting coast where sea and land come together.

Have you understood what destinations we are talking about?

Let’s go and discover them together!


History and culture, excellent cuisine and the social ritual of the aperitif: are you ready to fall in love with the city of love? Approximately 2 hours from Milano, either by car or by train, Verona is a city in Northern Italy, original and lively, just waiting to be discovered!


Piazza Bra is the symbol of the city and hosts the famous Arena, one of the largest surviving Roman amphitheaters, dating back to the first century AD.

The Arena can be visited and still today has a fervent cultural activity: if you come during the summer season, don’t miss the unforgettable opportunity to attend an opera show or concert.

Take Via Mazzini, the shopping paradise, and reach Piazza delle Erbe, dotted with ancient houses with towers, loggias and fountains.

Lose yourself among the permanent stalls of the city’s oldest square, among all kinds of souvenirs and delicious samples of Italian food.

Make a stop at Juliet’s house: leave your love message on the wall and don’t forget to touch the right breast of the statue of Italy’s most famous lover. Only in this way will you continue to be lucky in love!

Alternatively, take a trip to the living room of Verona, Piazza dei Signori, which houses the beautiful tower of Lamberti: if you want to stretch your legs, climb its 368 steps – but don’t worry, you can also take the elevator. You will be rewarded by a beautiful view, overlooking the rooftops of the city, up to the mountains of Lessinia!

For lunch we recommend Osteria Il Bertoldo, a quality restaurant that has been serving traditional dishes since 1988.


Enjoy a walk along the banks of the Adige River and reach Castelvecchio, the city’s main monument of medieval civil architecture. In the civic museum located inside you can admire valuable paintings of the Venetian school.

There remains time to enjoy a walk along the Scaligero bridge, where you can take some photos for Instagram, and to reach the church of San Zeno, a masterpiece of Romanesque art.

The climb up the tower of Lamberti was not enough and you want to enjoy another beautiful view? Strolling through the cobbled streets of the city and immersing yourself in the daily life of its inhabitants, reach the Stone Bridge. If you’re lucky, you may run into the handicraft market that is held here on several occasions.

Cross the bridge and enjoy the view, with the colorful houses on the Adige side and the hills on the horizon.

Walk down the steps that lead to Ponte San Pietro, immersed in narrow alleys: once you reach the top, you will have no doubt that it was worth it.

Have you fallen so much in love with Verona that you want to spend the evening there as well?

“Re Teodorico” is a dream location, perfect for a spritz, the Venetian cocktail par excellence, or for a good risotto all’Amarone: it is located at Ponte San Pietro and from its terrace you can admire the beautiful illuminated city, which reflects its lights on the Adige River.

And after a walk through the dark streets of the center, when all the bars and restaurants are closing their doors and the city is getting ready to go to sleep, in an alley near the church of Sant’Anastasia look for the purple sign of a piano bar.

At its door you will be welcomed by the owner, a lady in her eighties who will introduce you as “Madonna Verona”, the very name of one of the statues you have admired in Piazza delle Erbe.

She will be the one to decide whether or not to let you into her old-fashioned place.

Urban chatter fuels the curious legends about the building and its owner.

A piece of advice: ask your significant other for permission to enter…


Here was born the love between Renzo and Lucia, celebrated by one of the most beloved Italian novels of all time, “I Promessi Sposi” by Alessandro Manzoni.

Along its shores, VIPs from Italy and overseas have chosen to take residence, including Donatella Versace and George Clooney.

We are on Lake Como, the most beautiful lake in the world according to the prestigious Huffington Post: its capital is located north of Milano and can be reached in an hour by train or car. We recommend, however, to go there by car, in order to move more easily from one side to the other.

A very touristy destination, you may say. Not really: there are places accessible by steep climbs, abbeys that offer extraordinary panoramic views, and secluded beaches that remain unknown to most. Let’s go and discover them together!


The starting point is the small village of Varenna, the pearl of Lake Como, which is located on its eastern shore, in the province of Lecco.

From here you can see the point where the Lario divides into 2 branches (Lecco and Como), and you can take pictures that look like masterpieces by an impressionist painter.

Varenna is one of the most beautiful villages of the lake, according to some – including us at Gold Black Style! Even more than the famous Bellagio: walking along the lake admiring the colorful houses, or sit and sip a drink in one of the bars that overlook the landing gives a unique and priceless feeling.

Like almost all the villages of the lake, the center of Varenna is located at the top: to reach it you have to climb steep stone stairs, which are often transformed by the bars into makeshift seats with the addition of colorful cushions.

Your effort will be rewarded when you reach the main square, with the small Romanesque church of San Giovanni, the oldest of the town.

Return to the pier and lose yourself in the alleys and stairways, slowly, following the sleepy rhythms of lake life and appreciating at best the magical place where you are.

It’s time to try the tasty cuisine of the “laghé”: we recommend the Sottovento restaurant in Lierna, just 10 minutes drive south of Varenna.

Here you can enjoy the famous missoltini, the lavarello in carpione, the legendary risotto with perch, all on a terrace with a stunning view of Bellagio and the Swiss Alps.

If you prefer to reach Bellagio for lunch, embark on one of the many ferries that pass through Varenna during the day and live an unforgettable experience by boat: it is only from the waters of the lake that you can fully enjoy the splendor of its landscape.

Here you can have lunch under the beautiful pergola of the restaurant Alle Darsene di Loppia and then take a walk, passing through the gardens of the beautiful Villa Melzi to reach the lively center of the village.

It is also possible to rent a private boat and be taken to discover the secluded beaches and lesser-known villages of the lake, such as the pier of Pescallo or the beach of Rezzonico.


Have you already been to Bellagio or does it seem too touristy?

No problem! We have thought of 2 alternatives for you!

Lovers of trekking and mountain biking (including electric) can embark from Varenna, with your car in tow, and dock in Menaggio, where you can rent your vehicle from Canaja de Menas, at the Conad Supermarket.

Continue along the romantic winding road that leads north, to the small town of Plesio and reach the village of Breglia, where you can also park your car. Remember to pay the ticket of 3€ (cost as of 2021) for the use of the road: you will find the machine at the beginning of Breglia, on the curve of the road that leads to the mountains.

There are 680 meters of difference in height that separate you from the Menaggio refuge, a real terrace on Lake Como, on the slopes of Mount Grona, about 2 hours of walking suitable for non-experts.

At the hut you can enjoy an unspoiled nature, a good typical mountain meal and a view of the lake that you will surely not forget!

Whether you have stopped in Bellagio or if you are leaving from Varenna, you can easily reach by ferry the beautiful village of Lenno, which lies on the western branch of the lake, famous worldwide for being chosen as a home for summer vacations (and not only …) by George Clooney, who bought here the beautiful Villa Oleandra, where he also shot some scenes of his “Ocean’s Twelve”.

Enjoy a walk along the lake shore and reach on foot (or by taxiboat) the beautiful Villa del Balbianello, another place of worship for movie lovers.

This romantic 18th century mansion, which houses maps, antique books, precious furniture and collections of ancient art objects, is surrounded by a garden that is nothing short of amazing and was chosen as the set for an episode of Star Wars and for “007 – Casino Royale”.

Enjoy an afternoon strolling through the wonders of one of the most scenic homes of the lake: if you are thinking of getting married, surely this could be the dream location for your most beautiful day…


A little more than 200 km south of Milano is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Mediterranean.

It is the Cinque Terre, five colorful town of rare beauty that wind along 10 km of coastline overlooking the crystal clear Ligurian Sea.

Inserted in 1997 among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Cinque Terre owe their name to the fact that in ancient times were not connected to each other and the inhabitants to move from one village to another were forced to take steep mountain paths, which still make it a paradise for lovers of trekking, or to move by sea.

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore over the centuries have made visitors from all over the world dream and fall in love with them.


If you are leaving from Milano, we suggest you to reach Levanto station by car and from there use the frequent regional trains (at least one every 15 minutes) that will take you comfortably to the villages in a very short time, avoiding parking problems and stress.

Alternatively, to get around, you can also opt for the boats or rent a private boat for a romantic and luxurious experience at the same time.

Another starting point could be Portovenere, a charming fishing village just south of the Cinque Terre: take a walk along the streets of this medieval jewel before embarking for your destination. If you leave from Levanto your destination will be Vernazza, if instead you embark from Portovenere it will be Manarola.

Vernazza is a picturesque village perched on the slopes of a rocky spur and facing the sea.

Even today, the village still retains its maritime soul and has the flavor of a place of yesteryear: you can feel it from the small port, the beautiful Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, the colorful houses.

Wander along the ups and downs of the carrugi and get lost in the alleys on which, from time to time, there are glimpses of the sea and the terraces that surround the village.

Reach the narrow staircase leading to the Doria Castle, from which you can enjoy an unparalleled view.

Have a coffee in Piazza Marconi, “u cantu de musse” for the locals, who meet here to talk and spend time together.

Right here you will find Gianni Franzi, a historic trattoria where you can enjoy traditional cuisine: stuffed anchovies with lemon, trofie with pesto, the famous Vernazza pan. Conclude your lunch with some cheese or an excellent dessert, to be accompanied by Sciacchetrà, the wine symbol of the Cinque Terre. Do not be fooled by appearances: although the Cinque Terre are on the sea, they are not a land of fishermen, but of wine growers.

We can organize a private wine tour to discover the best producers of the area!


By train or by boat you can reach Manarola: if you have chosen to get there by sea, you will be charmed by the marina, the most photographed of the Cinque Terre, with the colorful houses that seem to arise directly from the rock on which the village stands.

Although the famous path of the “Via dell’Amore” is still closed, there are many things to see in Manarola, which is full of beautiful historic buildings, majestic palaces and churches that hold artistic treasures.

From the main street branch off a series of narrow stone-paved alleys that cross each other repeatedly, creating an evocative labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways.

Don’t miss the imposing church of San Lorenzo: on the outside it is a splendid example of Gothic style, while inside it is dominated by Baroque style, for a characteristic and fascinating mix.

The Bell Tower of the Church of San Lorenzo is located dislocated from the church itself, in a place that offers a beautiful view.

Near the main square you will come across the building with the mill and the wheel, from which perhaps the name “Manarola” (from “magna rota”, big wheel) derives.

Do not miss via Belvedere, whose last stretch is a balcony overlooking the sea that ends in a wonderful panoramic square.

Do you have time left for a little shopping? Take a trip to “L’Emporio” or “Manarola Boutique” in search of the perfect souvenir. From semi precious stone bracelets to the best food in the Cinque Terre, via colorful wooden sculptures depicting marine life, we can assure you that you’ll find more than what you’re looking for…

Do you have any questions about the perfect day trip from Milano? Our team of travel designers is here for you! We can provide a tailor-made itinerary for a romantic day in Gold Black Style that you’ll surely never forget. Contact us via email at info@goldblackstyle.com or by phone +39 331.7109804.